Promote your business with a memory matching game

People like to play the concentration games at — there’s just something so satisfying about getting all of the matches on a game one by one.  Making progress through the game, watching the little cards pop up when you get a match, and hearing the final cheer when you win — it makes you happy.

So it naturally follows that a game is a great draw for making people familiar with your brand or business.  If you’re a business owner, you can quickly and easily create a customized memory game that shows off your products.  Upload your logo for the back of the cards, then add pictures to each card, with a description that pops up when the player makes a match, and a link to your web site where they can order the product.

I Need Scents Memory GameScentsy distributor Carleen Sadewasser did just that when she made a matching game called “I Need Scents“.  Her game is visually interesting and has neat little tidbits about several different products that she offers.   If the player is interested in a specific product, she’s got a link to where they can find out more about it and make a purchase.

CJ in a PickleAuthor Robert Bauer did something similar to build buzz for his upcoming children’s book, “CJ in a Pickle.”  His matching game shows off some of the clever illustrations in his book, with a link to buy it when you finish the game.

So now it’s your turn — create a matching game for your small business or company.  Promote it on Twitter and Facebook using our built-in tools on the game page, as well as right on your own web site.  Your customers will be more engaged, and you’ll get more clicks.  The rest is up to you!

2 thoughts on “Promote your business with a memory matching game”

  1. This has been great fun for children who visit my page. My own children like to go on and play Match the Memory with the illustrations from my new book!

    Thanks Match the Memory makers for such a fun way to share with my target audience!


  2. Thank-you so much for developing this page! We have a small family business, an oyster farm in Spain, and your page has allowed us to make a little game to promote our oysters on Facebook this Christmas. It is great.

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