How-To Video: Make a Match The Memory game in 5 minutes

I made a video showing just how easy it is to make a Match The Memory game in just a few minutes.

Now go create your own game!

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Curtis, and I’m going to show you how to make your own personalized memory matching game in just about five minutes right here on Match the Memory.  It’s easy… and when you’re done, you’ll have a completely customized memory game that you can show off to your friends and family.

So, we’ll start at the Match The Memory home page,  And just to show you how fast we can do it, I’ll start this stopwatch before we begin.  So I’ll click this big “Create” button to get going.  That’ll take me to this page where I can start deciding what I want my game to look like and what I want my game to be named.

But first, you’ll notice this big warning box up here.  It says I’m not logged in to the site.  I can still create my game, but if I want to be able to come back and edit it later, I need to have an account with Match The Memory.  So I click Log in, and it takes me to a page where there are several service providers that I can use to verify who I am, so that nobody else can come back and change my game later on.  So I click to sign in with my Yahoo account, and it takes me back to the “Create A Game” page where it tells me I’ve been logged in.

So I’ve decided that I want to make a game showing off my daughter when she was a baby.  So I put in the address “baby audrey” — and it tells me this is how people will get to the game … slash baby audrey.  The game title is what shows up at the top of the page, we’ll call this “Memories of Baby Audrey”.

Now here on my desktop, I have nine pictures that I want to be able to put into my game, so I’ll change the number of matches to nine.  But I can add or remove cards later on if I decide that one of these pictures doesn’t look good, or if I find another cute photo of Audrey that I want to put on the game, I can do that later.

So as I scroll down here, I see some option for what I want — how my game can look.  I’ve got portrait or landscape in the Layout — more of my Baby Audrey pictures are horizontal, so I’m going to stick with Landscape.  But you’ll notice as I change these options, the preview over here on the right updates, so I can see what the cards will look like.

Next, I have these themes, there’s Back to School, Happy Birthday, some cool patterns… but I’m going to stick with “Baby Girl” theme.  I can change what will appear on my cards — just a picture, just some text, and/or a combination of both.  I can tweak the colors by clicking on this color icon and moving it around the wheel, and that updates here.  And I can make the font size bigger or smaller — let’s make this a 30.  And I can pick a different font.  By default, this “Baby Girl” theme gives me the “Kristen” font, but I can decide that I want “Hank” instead and that changes.

I decide that I do want this to be a public game, so everyone can see it from the search function.  I’m finished, and I click create game.

That takes us to this next page, where it says I’ve successfully created my game and where I can edit the details.  So I click “Browse” to upload my pictures and find my photos on my desktop.  I can upload all of them at once, and you can see the program chew through all of them, It will add them to my nine cards.  It even renames new cards based on what my pictures were named on my desktop, and since I chose Text over Picture for what the cards will look like, it will put the same file name in for the text on my cards.  So I can look at my cards, I see Audrey eating licorice, I’ll go through them all to make sure the photos look good, there’s nothing weird, change the position of any part of the text that blocks an interesting part of the picture, I can make it go to the top right instead, just checking all my cards to make sure they look nice, all my text fits.

And that’s the basics of making a game.  I can go play my game right now, just a few minutes after I started.  Let’s take a look at that.  It loads the game cards, and my game is ready.  If I wanted I could back go to add a Youtube movie, add some text that pops up, but here we are, 4 minutes and 55 seconds after we started, and we’re finished.  So that’s the basics of making a game, I hope you enjoy your own game here on Match The Memory.  Thanks.

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