Put a pin in it

No, we’re not talking about Pinterest. You’ve been able to save a Match The Memory game to Pinterest for several years, and many people have done so.

This post is about a new feature requested by one of our users. A teacher named Sydney emailed me the other day, asking if I could implement a new feature:

… add a toggle to hold after each guess. So if I guess one card, it flips, then I guess a second card and it flips. Then, if they aren’t matches, the cards stay flipped over until I click something to flip them back.

I thought that was a good idea, especially since I’d just been playing a word-and-picture animal matching game with my preschool-age daughter. She did okay with reading the animal names on the first match, but the standard “flip down” time wasn’t long enough for her to sound out the word on the second match.

So today, I built that feature, for Sydney and for my daughter and for all of the other teachers and students who want to take things at their own pace.

Sticky Cards

When you’re playing any Match The Memory game, click the new pushpin icon at the top right to turn on what I call “Sticky Cards”. You’ll click once to flip up the first card (e.g. “Monkey” above), then click again to flip up the second card (e.g. “Crocodile”), then a third time to flip both cards back down.

If you’d rather go back to having the cards automatically flip themselves back down after a missed match, click the pushpin icon again to turn off “Sticky Cards”.

Happy flipping!

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