A productive school year!

Since the start of the 2023-2024 school year, you guys have created some fantastic new games. Here are the most popular — way to go, team!

RankTitle / ImageCreator
1Ms. Luna’s Solar Eclipse Game
Ms. Luna's Solar Eclipse Game
Ms. Luna
2Ep Library Skills
Ep Library Skills
Sarah Hubbard
3Library Breakout 2023
Library Breakout 2023
Erica Morgan
4Fast and Slow, Objects Go
Fast and Slow, Objects Go
Kaitlyn Bratcher
5Spring Holidays & Celebrations Around the World
Spring Holidays & Celebrations Around the World
Ms. Luna
6Pattern Matching Game
Pattern Matching Game
Ms. Swinton
7Fall Things
Fall Things
Annie Reed
8Personality Adjectives
Personality Adjectives
Anna Ocampo
9Mythvivor: Miskatonic University – All-Stars Memory
Mythvivor: Miskatonic University - All-Stars Memory
100-10 Number Spanish
0-10 Number Spanish
Veronica Shuguli

Fun spelling helpers

My kids’ school uses the McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders curriculum for spelling lists, and I made a few matching games last year for my 4th-grader to practice his spelling words. At the start of this school year, I decided to fill in the whole elementary school spelling spectrum. Here’s 180 matching games full of spelling words (30 x 6 = 180)!

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Let’s hit the books together!

Over the years, teachers and students have been some of the most prolific visitors to Match The Memory. Educators all over the world create games for their students to review the fundamental concepts that they teach in their classrooms, in dozens of languages.

It goes without saying that we’re living in unprecedented times in many aspects of our lives, and education is no exception. With the current coronavirus restrictions on schools, and the corresponding shift to digital-first learning, many more people have learned about and started using the site. In March and April of 2020, our numbers of new users, games, and game plays have basically tripled from the same timeframe last year. We welcome all of our new game creators and players! We’re here to assist you in navigating these uncharted waters.

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Put a pin in it

No, we’re not talking about Pinterest. You’ve been able to save a Match The Memory game to Pinterest for several years, and many people have done so.

This post is about a new feature requested by one of our users. A teacher named Sydney emailed me the other day, asking if I could implement a new feature:

… add a toggle to hold after each guess. So if I guess one card, it flips, then I guess a second card and it flips. Then, if they aren’t matches, the cards stay flipped over until I click something to flip them back.

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Going to class

I recently got a request to add a classroom mode to the site.  Someone was creating a personalized memory game and wanted to be able to use it in a large group setting where one person would control the computer, but many people would be able to call out which card to flip over.  It took me a few weeks to get around to coding the solution, since I was also working on the canvas-based version of the game, but Classroom Mode made its debut on the site this morning. Continue reading Going to class