Happy 10th Birthday, Match The Memory!

The first version of Match The Memory launched exactly 10 years ago today. Since then, you’ve made thousands and thousands of memory games (25,000+!), which have been played more than 12 million times. Today, we’re celebrating not just the site itself, but the creators who made the best games on the site.

Most Popular Games of All Time

Rank Title Address Created User
1 Phases of the Moon Matching Game https://matchthememory.com/BESLclass
11/08/13 07:29 AM Tori Keim
2 Mr. Polum’s Landform Game https://matchthememory.com/mrpolum
01/03/13 01:12 PM Chris Polum
3 Irregular Verb Memory Match https://matchthememory.com/irregularverbs
02/22/11 01:59 PM Unknown User
4 PARTS OF THE HOUSE https://matchthememory.com/partsofthehouse
02/05/13 10:05 AM Felipe C.
5 Computer Parts Match https://matchthememory.com/computermatch
08/08/12 03:48 PM BTTF1987
6 Cell Organelle Functions https://matchthememory.com/organellefunctions
04/01/14 01:11 PM Mrs Vergara
7 Nonfiction Text Features https://matchthememory.com/goldmine
11/17/14 12:09 PM Suzanne Hurley
8 The past participle Memory Game https://matchthememory.com/pastparticiple
08/15/12 03:41 PM william jurado
9 Wild Animals Memory Game https://matchthememory.com/jungle
05/21/14 11:29 AM Unknown User
10 U.S. Symbols Matching Game https://matchthememory.com/kimbrowning
06/21/10 07:52 PM John Browning
11 Daily Routines Memory Game 2 https://matchthememory.com/dailyroutines2
10/23/12 05:26 PM paola marchant
12 The Earth’s Spheres Game 1 https://matchthememory.com/Earthspheres
10/23/13 06:06 PM Jessica Vergara
13 spanish greetings https://matchthememory.com/emilyarnold
06/17/14 03:42 PM mrbojngles7 .
14 Formal vs. Informal Language https://matchthememory.com/English102
02/22/11 07:00 PM Patricia Cady
15 Regular & Irregular Plural Nouns https://matchthememory.com/nouns
09/26/13 07:18 AM Shannon Jessman
16 States of Matter Breakout EDU https://matchthememory.com/matterBreakout
03/29/17 07:54 AM Shellye Wardensky
17 Gintama Matching Game (Series 3 Part 1) https://matchthememory.com/GintamaS3P1
03/11/18 07:39 PM Unknown User
18 Family Memory Game https://matchthememory.com/familymemorygame
10/05/13 04:24 AM Unknown User
19 ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ Vocabulary Game https://matchthememory.com/caskbreakout
09/10/17 11:57 AM Your Teacher
10 FHS Cooking Terms Memory Game https://matchthememory.com/CookingTerms
08/02/13 10:58 AM Unknown User
21 Carnivore, Herbivore and Omnivore https://matchthememory.com/Animalmatch
11/13/12 05:37 PM Unknown User
22 Halloween Concentration https://matchthememory.com/halloween
10/29/10 07:08 AM Match The Memory
23 Read Across America Day! https://matchthememory.com/raa
01/13/17 11:37 AM Unknown User
24 Emotions Memory Game https://matchthememory.com/seec
12/12/11 05:05 PM Unknown User
25 Body Parts Memory Game https://matchthememory.com/body-parts
05/05/14 11:59 AM Unknown User
26 Dinosaur Matching Game https://matchthememory.com/dinosaurs
08/27/11 04:12 PM Match The Memory
27 Laboratory Equipment Memory Game https://matchthememory.com/laboratoryequipment
01/31/15 01:19 AM Rachel Zammit
28 The Enlightenment Thinkers https://matchthememory.com/EnlightenmentThinkers
11/03/14 04:07 AM Aimee Maturi
29 Thanksgiving Memory Game https://matchthememory.com/thanksgiving
11/09/10 07:14 AM Match The Memory
30 Coin Matching Game https://matchthememory.com/huskeycoins
03/17/13 10:52 AM Lainie Sowell

Users with Most Approved Games

Rank Name Approved Game Count Example Game
1 Debra Smith
662 https://matchthememory.com/Murder
2 Stephens
153 https://matchthememory.com/Stephens-emotions
3 John Wallace
82 https://matchthememory.com/nsmodgb28sept2018h
4 The TV Dude
78 https://matchthememory.com/moms
5 Wendy Miller
69 https://matchthememory.com/aug-octswreview
6 Mary Waters
68 https://matchthememory.com/oppositesdirections
7 Jose Maria Aguilera Romero
61 https://matchthememory.com/theschool1
8 Match The Memory
60 https://matchthememory.com/paintings
9 Letterland Almere
59 https://matchthememory.com/brandaangr71
10 Alice Lucas
53 https://matchthememory.com/friends1unit11
11 The Match The Movie Guy
49 https://matchthememory.com/hungergames
12 Katerina Menerte
49 https://matchthememory.com/Vegetableska
13 Milan Rkman
47 https://matchthememory.com/italicarsntc
14 Melissa Samson
46 https://matchthememory.com/animalesdelmarsamson
15 beatriz rodriguez muñoz
45 https://matchthememory.com/Alltagsgegenstaendefotosundtext
16 iaint2
45 https://matchthememory.com/2vocab1
17 Carmela Diaz Grados
45 https://matchthememory.com/adjectives1com
18 Brittney Fletcher
45 https://matchthememory.com/HPFamiliars1
19 The Rosetta Stone
42 https://matchthememory.com/spanishvocab
20 Jack Nowee
38 https://matchthememory.com/schelpen
21 Kimberly Austin
38 https://matchthememory.com/therewasanoldladywhoswallowedafrog
22 Klaudia Mołodowska
37 https://matchthememory.com/maluszki
23 DeAnna Meyers
37 https://matchthememory.com/DeAnnaGame
24 Michelle Coyle MS CCC/SLP
36 https://matchthememory.com/mixedarticthshskch1
25 Mormon Matching
35 https://matchthememory.com/ldsapostles
26 Christina Villani
35 https://matchthememory.com/numbermatching
27 Jan Juventino
34 https://matchthememory.com/Aghadar
28 Susan Boller
34 https://matchthememory.com/longway
29 Laurens van der Laan
31 https://matchthememory.com/H2CVOCAB
30 Karen Lawson
29 https://matchthememory.com/initiall

Thanks to everyone who’s created a memory game or two over the last decade! We look forward to serving you for many more years to come!

Tag, you’re it!

Match The Memory was conceived as a way to share the details of your life. A fun photo here, a memory of a vacation there. It was supposed to be public, yes, and shareable too, but not necessarily viral or discoverable. A customized memory game featuring your family photos is interesting to your Facebook friends or Instagram followers, but not the world in general, so why would there need to be a robust way for someone to search for your games?

In practice, the site hasn’t been used in quite the way that I originally intended. Few people use Match The Memory to replace their annual family holiday letter, and many people instead create general-interest games that appeal to broad audiences. Teachers especially make games that help not only their own classes, but also any other students of their subject. That’s not a bad thing in the least, but it does expose some flaws in how I originally built the site.

In the beginning, the Play page was the only place to find new games to play. It shows a few random games and gives you a search field where you can type, and a list shows the titles and addresses of public games that match your query.

This works fairly well at filtering, as long as the game you want happens to have the word you’re looking for in its title or address. But it doesn’t allow you to see the games themselves, so you’re left with some questions: do they have pictures and text, or just words? Is the text too small for your target audience? Did the creator design the game in a way that’s pleasing to the eye? You have to click into those games one at a time to try them out.

In time, I decided that games needed to be taggable, and searchable not only by the keywords in the title, but also by anything else that the game creator decided was relevant. For example, games about Motion and Forces should also be accessible by someone searching for physics and science. So I added the feature and the tags page was born. There, you can browse some of the most popular tags on the site, and click into see games tagged with those terms.

The page where you view games for a specific tag has an advantage over the rudimentary search on the Play page: you can see the games’ preview images, as well as other tags that have been applied to each game. A matching game is a visual thing, and it’s easier to decide whether a particular game works for you based on a picture of that game, rather than just its title.

But the tags page has problems of its own. First and foremost, it only shows the most popular (and as of last week, the most recent) games that are associated with each tag. There may be 100 or 1,000 games on Match The Memory that have the keyword you’re interested in, like Spanish or French, but you can only see a few games in those very broad categories. There was no way to drill down to easily find a game about animal names in Spanish, or colors in French, unless those games also happened to be tagged with animales or couleurs respectively.

So last week, I built a feature to allow searching by multiple tags. Now you can find games that are tagged with both “Spanish” and “animals”, or “French” and “colors”. Just add as many tags as you’re interested in to the tag search field, separated by commas, and you’ll be taken to a tag page showing games that match both tags.

You can get to this page by changing the URL in your browser yourself. Entering


takes you to the same page as using the search field.

This is not as good as a real game search engine that would take multiple search terms and show you the most relevant games based on all of those terms. That’s coming in a rebuild that we’re currently working on, so you can look forward to a better search experience coming soon (depending on your definition of the word “soon”). But in the mean time, it’s now quite a bit easier to find the perfect matching game for you.