Play it again, Sam

Previously, when you finished playing a game and wanted to play that same game again, you had to reload the page. We had a “Start Over” button that helped you do this instead of manually triggering your browser, but the effect was the same. You had to transfer a bunch of data from the Match The Memory site again. This was a vestige of the very first version of the game that used some old technology.

This week, someone asked us about playing the game over and over offline, and we realized that you don’t need to refresh the page. We already have all of the needed data to play the game, we just need to reset the internal representation of the game state to how it was at the beginning, give the cards another quick shuffle, and off you go.

Today, we launched this feature on the site. When you’re done with a game, you can hit the “Start Over” button to reset the game itself without reloading the page. This will make things a lot faster, and will enable you to play the same game time after time, even if you lose your Internet connection. We hope that you enjoy this new feature!

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