Most Popular Games – Week of 9 Dec. 2017

I thought that we’d be knee-deep into snowmen and Christmas carols by this point in December, but there’s not a holly leaf or a nativity anywhere in sight in the most popular games. Ya bunch of Scrooges!

All Games

Not much different here.

Rank Title/Image Creator
1 Phases of the Moon Matching Game
Tori Keim
2 Mr. Polum’s Landform Game
Chris Polum
3 Irregular Verb Memory Match
Unknown User
4 Nonfiction Text Features
Suzanne Hurley
Felipe C.

New Games

This is a first: we have games in 5 different languages in our top 5. Spanish, English, Croatian, Chinese, and Arabic.

Rank Title/Image Creator
1 Accidentes geográficos
Unknown User
2 Louisiana History Review
Ali Thompson
3 Vuk i sedam kozlića Lidija
Lidija Pecko
4 VMV大比併(1)
5 ارشادات الأمن و السلامة
Eman Alghamdi

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