Most Popular Games – Week of 18 Nov. 2017

All Games

More of the most popular games ever, plus one seasonal game made by yours truly.

Rank Title/Image Creator
1 Phases of the Moon Matching Game
Tori Keim
2 Mr. Polum’s Landform Game
Chris Polum
3 Thanksgiving Memory Game
Curtis Gibby
4 Irregular Verb Memory Match
Unknown User
Felipe C.

New Games

Makayla Van Fossen has made several games related to the creatures of Harry Potter, and they look really good! Check out her Magical Menagerie Party game and go from there to the others that she’s created. Plus, vocabulary from one of my favorite childhood books, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, which I read several times as a kid.

Rank Title/Image Creator
1 El cuerpo
Unknown User
2 Magical Menagerie Party
Makayla Van Fossen
3 Hatchet Vocabulary Match
Unknown User
4 Cosas de la Clase 1
Melissa Samson
5 Thy Way is in the Sanctuary
Kelissa Delva

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