Going to class

I recently got a request to add a classroom mode to the site.  Someone was creating a personalized memory game and wanted to be able to use it in a large group setting where one person would control the computer, but many people would be able to call out which card to flip over.  It took me a few weeks to get around to coding the solution, since I was also working on the canvas-based version of the game, but Classroom Mode made its debut on the site this morning. Continue reading Going to class

Promote your business with a memory matching game

People like to play the concentration games at MatchTheMemory.com — there’s just something so satisfying about getting all of the matches on a game one by one.  Making progress through the game, watching the little cards pop up when you get a match, and hearing the final cheer when you win — it makes you happy.

So it naturally follows that a game is a great draw for making people familiar with your brand or business.  If you’re a business owner, you can quickly and easily create a customized memory game that shows off your products.  Continue reading Promote your business with a memory matching game

Tips for a great-looking memory game

I’ve created more personalized memory games on Match The Memory than anyone else by far, and in the process I’ve learned what makes a good-looking game stand out from an unattractive or boring one.  Here’s some tips that may help you when you’re making your next custom game. Continue reading Tips for a great-looking memory game

Other kinds of personalized memory games (and why Match The Memory is better)

When I first decided to create Match The Memory, it was a lightning-struck-my-brain kind of moment.  I didn’t know anything about what other kinds of games existed, either to play online or for purchase of a physical game.  It was just an idea while I was at my parents’ cabin: I could create a pretty cool game that someone could personalize, play online, and print.

Once I got home and started creating the site, I looked into my competition, and I what I found didn’t impress me much.  There are three basic kinds of memory games out there, and I’ll go through each of them and discuss their shortcomings and how Match The Memory overcomes those faults to make for a great game experience. Continue reading Other kinds of personalized memory games (and why Match The Memory is better)

Improving every day

Match The Memory has been my baby for more than six months, and I’ve worked on it hundreds of hours during that time.  I’m adding to it every day.

But I can’t do it alone.  Mine is only one opinion, and I want to make the best memory matching game possible.  That means I need your input.  Let me know in the comments what you think could be done to make this a better web site.

I also need the input of your friends and family.  Share the site with them (via email, blog, Facebook, Twitter, whatever!) and ask them to come check it out, and leave their mark on the site by contributing a great game and some feedback.

Together we can make this an awesome site!